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Our team at NB Hearing are pleased to meet you. We exist to help people diagnose their hearing problems and to find the best solution to these problems professionally and ethically. Our team of passionate audiologists who take a ‘patient first’ approach in their dealings with patients at all our branches. We understand that to hear is to connect which is why we are so passionate about hearing health and the connection it creates within a patient’s life and community. Similarly we strive to address and change the stigma attached to those who suffer from hearing loss or depend on hearing devices to communicate. We provide accurate tests and diagnoses on hearing loss and tinnitus. We also stock hearing aids, offer a hearing aid fitting service and repairs.

NB Hearing

Meet the NB Hearing Team

  • Natalie Buttress
  • Carien de Jager
  • Anne Budden
  • Talia Lifson
  • Gwen Mills
  • Madelein Nortje
  • Sharon Hibbert

When to book an appointment with an audiologist:

  • Ideally, you should have a hearing assessment annually as part of your annual medical checkup.
  • If you suspect you have earwax embedded in one or both of your ear canals, don’t reach for an ear bud – make an appointment.
  • Hearing screenings should take place at birth and thereafter children’s hearing should be assessed annually.
  • If you suspect you, a loved one or your child has hearing loss or difficulty with auditory processing.
  • If you are a sufferer of Tinnitus or suspect you may be suffering from Tinnitus.
  • If you, a loved one or  your child experiences sudden hearing loss.
  • If you experience one or more symptoms of hearing loss.

Continued hearing health starts with an annual check up. Reach out to one of our audiologists and make an appointment at one of our branches across the Western Cape. We look forward to a healthy hearing journey with you!

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