Introducing Gordon’s Bay Primary

Gordon’s Bay Primary was opened and is 118 years old. Recently, the school has undertake a number of projects to modernise our facilities. We have built a new information technology centre, library, art centre, aftercare facilities, and a staff room expansion. All of our facilities make for an exceptional educational institution, where children can learn, play and fully develop before heading to high school.

Our teaching body, as well as our parents are enthusiastic and very involved in the lives of our children. Because they love teaching, and especially love teaching our children so much, the Gordon’s Bay Primary teachers are always ready to go the extra mile in order to help a child succeed.

What we offer

At Gordon’s Bay Primary, parents can expect quality education for their young children. Children are welcome at our establishment fro pre-primary up to grade 7. We aim to provide all inclusive education and development at the school, which is why we focus on:

  • Academics
  • Sport
  • Arts & Culture

We also offer aftercare facilities for working parents that are unable to pick up their children directly after school. The fees for aftercare are dependant on the amount of days that your child needs to be minded.

At Gordon’s Bay Primary, we also have a pre-primary school. Here, teachers focus on the emotional, social, moral, physical and cognitive development of your child. The school offers both English and Afrikaans instruction and caters fro children 4-6.

For more information about our offering and how to get your child admitted, feel free to call us.

Opening Hours


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