Spectacular wine estates near Gordon's Bay - treat yourself to the finer things!

A short drive from the center of this stunning town takes you to a number of diverse, exceptional wine estates near Gordon's Bay, many of which have partnered together to offer the innovative Walk for Wine tours - a hiking trail with stops for intriguing tastings of a range of different estate's wines. The proceeds from the walks go towards conserving  the area's biodiversity and preserving the rich fynbos heritage of the Cape. Many of the wine estates near Gordon's Bay also have on-site restaurants, all of which are architecturally stunning and offer a variety of wine and food pairing packages which guests can indulge in. The restaurants have become stars in their own rights, offering cuisine that is of a five-star quality and made from exceptional local ingredients.  The area of Gordon's Bay is known for having a coastal climate, and is in close proximity to the stunning Helderberg Mountains; this allows visitors to visit the exciting wine estates and taste the delicious wines that are unique to the terroir of the area. The ocean weather has a tangible influence on the wines produced at these wine estates near Gordon's Bay, as one can taste the richness of the grapes in the wine, an effect of receiving an ocean breeze year round (this wind induces the preservation of the full, fruity flavour of the grapes during the ripening process). Some of the most popular wines produced at these estates include Shiraz, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. Each estate offers a unique blend and fresh take on producing these wines, which makes choosing to visit only one a somewhat impossible task! Visitors to Gordon's Bay may have to travel to nearby estates, but the journeys are not far and are well worth the drive! For more information on the bounty of wine estates near Gordon's Bay, please read through the advertisements listed below!

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