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Battery Mob stocks reliable battery brands such as Dixon, Sabat, Willard and Oldham. Our prices are competitive and our industry knowledge is vast. We are positioned to provide our clients with the best advice, best battery brands and best prices possible. If you are shopping for a new battery for your car, boat, truck or motorcycle, get in touch with our friendly team. We are happy to give advice pertaining to all vehicle and solar batteries. Stop in at our workshop to have your battery tested quickly and reliably. We replace batteries whilst taking the utmost care of your vehicle. We take pride in our business and are passionate about our service standards. We invite you to experience the Battery Mob’s service.

Battery Mob stocks the best in batteries

If you travel long distance regularly, we recommend that you check and test your battery often. Especially if you drive long-haul trucks that need to be on time as part of their service offering. We also recommend that riders remember vehicle and motorcycle batteries are not interchangeable and that only batteries suited to their vehicles be used. Many people don’t know that a vehicle battery is only made to last between 2 and 5 years and that they need to be checked regularly for leaks, corrosion or swelling. If you are planning on taking a long road trip, the best tip we have is that you check your battery beforehand to ensure you don’t get stuck.

Battery Mob

We are happy to advise on any vehicle’s batteries or solar batteries. Keep our number saved for the next time you need to shop for your vehicle’s battery. We are trusted in the industry to service clients in providing batteries at stellar prices. Call us for expert advice on your battery needs today.

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