The Africa Biomass Company Offering

Africa Biomass Company offers a wide range of agricultural services across Southern Africa. We remove and recycle unwanted vineyards, windbreaks and orchards. Once we have cleared a site, the waste wood chips are then either used as mulch for the new plantations or as biomass for electricity or heat generation. Our agri-services also extend to the removal of invasive alien trees which take away much needed water resources from our rivers. As South Africa is a water scarce country, our sustainable practices are ultra valuable and necessary. By doing river rehabilitation, biomass production and mulch spreading, we contribute to the green efforts of our country. Biomass is a great alternative to coal as an energy generator and our mulch assists in moisture retention and saving on irrigation costs. We have a proud legacy and continue to do what we do with passion and expertise.

Our range of Africa Biomass Company agricultural services:

  • Orchard, vineyard and windbreak stripping and recycling
  • Mulch spreading in orchards and vineyards
  • River rehabilitation in riparian zones
  • Biomass producer for energy generation
  • Site clearing and preparation for orchards, vineyards or buildings
  • Wood chipper training – SETA certified
  • Manufacturing and servicing workshop
  • Field services

Africa Biomass Company

Our Machines

  1. Bandit Wood Chippers: Engine hand-fed wood chippers; PTO hand-fed wood chippers; Horizontal grinders; Stump grinders; Whole tree chippers
  2. Dezzi Equipment: Articulated dump trucks; Articulated haulers; Backhoe loaders; Crane-mounted timber trucks; Three wheelers; Excavators; Front-end loaders; Motor graders; Rigid hauler tractors; Forestry skidders; Trailers
  3. The BioSpread Mulch Spreader: Exclusively available from Rovic & Leers

Get in touch with us by calling, emailing or visiting our website. We look forward to doing business with you.

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